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A Note from our Chief Customer Officer

Hey, I'm Cory. Thanks for checking out FolioHD!

There are so many choices when building a website today. And guess what? Even though most sites say they're easy to use, most still take a lot of work.

I built FolioHD for my friends - to help them build online portfolios on their own. Before FolioHD, there was a lot of gruntwork required in launching a portfolio and it was a very technical process. Domains, hosting, uploading, FTP, etc etc - a nightmare!

People choose FolioHD for a few main reasons:

  • We don't nickel and dime you, or try to sell you things you don't need. You pay one, simple monthly fee.
  • Our customers consistently rave about our customer support
  • There's a ton of features under the hood. At the beginning, it's easy to get started. But as your needs grow, FolioHD grows with you.

Plus FolioHD is super affordable! You can get started for as little as $6/mo. (That’s like 2 cups of coffee! Isn’t your professional online identity worth that much?) You can change plans at anytime - you’re never locked in to anything.

I guarantee that you'll love FolioHD. Please give FolioHD a try. If you don't love it, I'd love to hear from you.

FolioHD was created in Southern California in 2010.

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FolioHD Reviews

I love the simplicity of your service and the ease of which I can place and remove images. Hundreds of minor variables are not needed. I just want to show what I do: Photography.

- Patrick Lynch

Just wanted to say thank you for setting up FolioHD. It is by far the best online portfolio site I've encountered. Easy to use with nice large image displays including videos. Really couldn't ask for more. Brilliant!

- Alex Pearl

Your site was incredibly easy to follow and get started up. I applaud your group. I spent days on another photo website, and even with continual chat help, it was very frustrating, and I never got very far. Thank you!

- Jeanette O'Toole

The quick set-up that your site offers allowed me to set up my portfolio in one day, and be ready for an interview the next morning. Thank you for your quick responses to my questions - it made all the difference.

- Tiffany Gravlee

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