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FolioHD: Inspiring copycats since 2010

I never imagined we would be the inspiration to so many copycats. We’ve been copied on everything from designs, marketing sites, logos, upload limits, feature sets, and verbiage. I figured I’d share a few examples of the “flattery”.

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Ultimate Cold Brew Iced Coffee Reviews & Comparison Guide

I love iced coffee, and I love to sip on it while I work. So I figured I’d share my insights from trying a litany of cold brews in hopes that you’ll find the perfect iced coffee for yourself, as you go about your work! I’m trying a new cold brew every day for a week. If you like cold brew, you might like this post.

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FolioHD Spotlight: Photographer Ben Tsui

This week, we’re excited to highlight a photographer who’s been with FolioHD for 3 years now. Ben is based out of Los Angeles and works in fashion photography after transitioning away from news and press work about 9 years ago.

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The secret web designers use for building successful portfolios

Chances are you don’t build websites for a living - you have more important things to do with your time, like perfecting your craft! And that’s why you use a website builder to create your website or portfolio. Great! BUT there’s one problem: There’s a secret to building a success portfolio or website that you likely aren’t aware of.

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6 ways to set up your online portfolio for success: Part 1 of 6

We all know it’s crucial to have an online portfolio. These days it’s rare to get hired for something creative _without_ having a collection of work. But creating an online portfolio isn’t just about throwing stuff in a folder. There’s an important mix of content, design and structure that all play a part.

The following series of posts will walk you through various aspects of how to create an online portfolio, covering everything from the work you should highlight to the way it should be laid out. We'll even cover important tips to make you rise the ranks of search engines (also known as search engine optimization).

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