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FolioHD: Inspiring copycats since 2010

I never imagined we would be the inspiration to so many copycats. We’ve been copied on everything from designs, marketing sites, logos, upload limits, feature sets, and verbiage. I figured I’d share a few examples of the “flattery”.

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Ultimate Cold Brew Iced Coffee Reviews & Comparison Guide

I love iced coffee, and I love to sip on it while I work. So I figured I’d share my insights from trying a litany of cold brews in hopes that you’ll find the perfect iced coffee for yourself, as you go about your work! I’m trying a new cold brew every day for a week. If you like cold brew, you might like this post.

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FolioHD Spotlight: Photographer Ben Tsui

This week, we’re excited to highlight a photographer who’s been with FolioHD for 3 years now. Ben is based out of Los Angeles and works in fashion photography after transitioning away from news and press work about 9 years ago.

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The secret web designers use for building successful portfolios

Chances are you don’t build websites for a living - you have more important things to do with your time, like perfecting your craft! And that’s why you use a website builder to create your website or portfolio. Great! BUT there’s one problem: There’s a secret to building a success portfolio or website that you likely aren’t aware of.

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