FolioHD Reviews

Read real (unsolicited) feedback, straight from our customers.


Typically when you email a customer support team, you get an automated reply acknowledging your message, and then get a form reply about 12 hours later. We hardly get the answer we're looking for, and sadly, this is what we've come to expect from support teams.

Personally, there's nothing I dislike more than getting a form response to a question that doesn't help fix my problem. That's why FolioHD is different. I want to treat customers the way I want to be treated.

What our customers might not realize is that I answer every single support request. Your ticket doesn't get outsourced to a call center in another country where they don't care about you. There's no better way to gauge how your customers are doing than to read and respond to their questions yourself.

Read some of the actual (unsolicited) responses we've received after customers ask for help.

Feedback About Our Customer Service

Maybe you could start another website that advises businesses on customer service. You guys are the best I've seen. Thanks again for your help.

- Thomas Payne

Definitely one of the only times customer support has actually helped me and didn't give me some round about solution. You deserve a bonus!

- Oliver Villafuerte

Thanks for your excellent support. I have never experienced anything like it before. You should get the Nobel SaaS (Software as a Service) Prize. You made my day, two days in a row.

- Stephen Benfey

Thank you so much for the best customer service/support I have ever experienced! :D

- Kristian Ringen

You guys really do make this painless!! Thanks you again for everything!

- Curtis Adams

The support is outstanding and makes a big difference.

- Buki Koshoni

You deserve a Nobel Prize in customer support!

- Paul Rogers

I am, once again, dazzled by your speedy replying skills...

- Joanna Beaufoy

I appreciate your help and timely responses to each of my requests for help. Your customer service is fantastic!!

- Brennah Black

OMG. My buddy wasn't kidding. You are SOOOOOOO fast with your reply. Man I'm SOOOOOOO glad I'm using you guys. THANK YOU!!!

- Daniel Hano

Thanks - wow! What a great response time. You are going to spoil me.

- Linda Nadeau

Thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly! It's lovely to have a reply from an actual person for once! It's one of the reasons I chose your site in the first place.

- Lexi Lane

WOW!!!! I'm so impressed by your quick response and assistance. Thank you so much for going a step further and helping me out. I greatly appreciate it! I'm so glad I switched to FolioHD.

- Cher Hukill

Oh wow! Best support ever? I think so. Cheers dude! Your site is great and top-notch support! :)

- Pedro Rodrigues

You ARE awesome! May I say it has been a complete pleasure working with you! I will recommend your services wherever and whenever I can. Thank you sooooooooo much for your help and for making my business look FABULOUS!

- Sherill Watts Justo

First and foremost... Thank you for ALL of your timely responses. Seriously, best customer service I have experience in YEARS... and I deal with a lot of these situations. So thank you.

- Ilycia Kahn

Thanks again for being so helpful. So far, I have been VERY happy with your services. The site looks very nice and professional!

- Erica Pearce

Your customer service is unbelievably quick and efficient! Thank you so much!

- Emily Pirrello

The quick set-up that your site offers allowed me to set up my portfolio in one day, and be ready for an interview the next morning. Thank you for your quick responses to my questions - it made all the difference.

- Tiffany Gravlee

You have the best customer service ever!

- Christopher Kerr

I am so pleased with the site and more importantly so very pleased with all of the help and support.

- Maggie Mae

I really am so appreciative that you acknowledged my needs and took the initiative to make a change. I'm so impressed. Thank you so much. Its really makes a huge difference in the functionality of my portfolio.

- MPS Design

Feedback About Our Product

FolioHD is FIRST online service and company that has delivered in such a way that I actually feel GOOD about sending you my money every month. Most other services, hosts, plans, etc, are just a pain in the cash!

- Steven Curtis

My compliments on your company and site. I was tearing my hair out with website builders like Wix and this has been so easy!

- Judy Campbell

I really love this portfolio solution. Every other portfolio site is built for photographers - which means I don't get to add a narrative / tell a story about each project -- UX projects are way more complicated to explain than any damn photograph! I was fiddle-farting with Muse, Wix, Themeforest for months trying to make what you've already accomplished here. My heartfelt gratitude to you for hanging it out there and making this available to us visual cripples.

- Brendan Potash

I want you to know I really like having my images on your site. I've used SmugMug, Zenfolio, and others in the past. For me, your site has the best combination of functionality and ease of use. I'm a photographer and not a programmer.

- David Highland

I love the simplicity of your service and the ease of which I can place and remove images. Hundreds of minor variables are not needed. I just want to show what I do: Photography.

- Patrick Lynch

I love what you have done with FolioHD. I have had SO many different website platforms with the same concept and I have another site that I already paid for this month but I had to do the switch... it just looks so much more high end and just as simple to update.

- Samantha Sabelle

Congrats on building a cool product. Really like the ease of use and integration with Fotomoto, Google Analytics, use of my own domain, etc.

- Josh Steinitz

I'm still loving the FolioHD site and its ease of use. So glad I switched from Weebly.

- Whimsic Art

This is great, I'm really happy. Also I can't tell you how happy I am that the site was so easy to make. I have been trying to get something like this for years!

- Aine Byrne

Just to say thank you for setting up FolioHD. It is by far the best online portfolio site I've encountered. Easy to use with nice large image displays including videos. Really couldn't ask for more. Brilliant!

- Alex Pearl

If you guys ever need any "blurbs" touting your excellent product and service, feel free to contact me. This was an incredibly easy tool to use - even when I screwed it up!

- Katherine McGah

I'm letting my fellow artists at my work know about your site. It's a great easy way for artists to get their work up on the internet fast without knowing any code. And thanks again, you guys have a great site and the service is phenomenal.

- Dan Camp

Your site was incredibly easy to follow and get started up. I applaud your group. I spent days on another photo website, and even with continual chat help, it was very frustrating, and I never got very far. Thank you!

- Jeanette O'Toole

Thank you for the fast response! I'm really satisfied how easily and simple the FolioHD platform is!

- Danny Lu