Online Portfolios for Los Angeles & Orange County

Why does Los Angeles love FolioHD?

More people in Los Angeles, Orange County, and surrounding areas choose FolioHD to host their online portfolio site. From modeling agencies in Santa Monica to photographers in San Fernando Valley, and from stylists or makeup artists in Culver City, all the way down to UX/UI designers in Irvine, more people are choosing FolioHD for their portfolio or website because it's easy to use and has top-notch customer service.

In fact, FolioHD was birthed in Southern California back in 2010 in Orange County. We built it for our friends who, at the time, had to set up complicated Wordpress installations with custom themes and domain configurations. "Too complicated!" we said. That's when FolioHD came to life.

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Phone: (323) 538-4368