Sell your work online

Turn your online portfolio into a store with Fotomoto.

Fotomoto Integration

Photographer Josh Steinitz uses the FolioHD + Fotomoto integration to sell prints through his site. To see an example of the integration, visit his site, click through to a gallery and hover over an image.

Fotomoto can be used on your FolioHD site to sell prints and other products, turning your FolioHD portfolio in to an online store!

Each theme presents the Fotomoto bar differently, so be sure to try out the different options after enabling Fotomoto in the settings.

How to Install Fotomoto

  1. Create an account with Fotomoto
  2. Copy your Store ID from the Fotomoto Settings page
  3. Paste your Store ID into your FolioHD Settings

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What is Fotomoto?

Fotomoto is a print-on-demand e-commerce widget that seamlessly integrates with FolioHD. They handle fulfillment of purchases so you can just sit back and earn money. Learn about Fotomoto in their tour.

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Fotomoto requires a Power or Pro FolioHD subscription. See which plan is right for you.

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