Import your old site.

Get the benefits of FolioHD without the hassle of re-uploading all your work. We'll import your site to FolioHD for a small fee. Get in touch for a custom quote.

Send us your old site's URL

Whether you built your site with another portfolio builder, or if you built it from scratch, it doesn't matter. Just send us your URL and we'll take it from there.

Getting Started

First create a free account on FolioHD. Once you've done that, click the contact button and send us a message with the URL of your old portfolio site. We'll get back to you with an analysis of what it will take to import your site. (Most sites cost between $50-$100 to import and configure.)

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More Details

Have your own domain name?

If you have your own website like, we can link it up to your new site after you've approved it to go live. We have instructions for many of the leading domain name registration companies, or we'll happily help configure it for you.

SEO optimization included!

While we're making sure your new FolioHD site looks fantastic, we'll also go through and ensure it's optimally configured to perform great with search engines.

Up Next: Contact Us

Reach out to us with a link to your current portfolio. We'll review it and see what it will take to port over your port(folio).

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