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Creating a digital portfolio is an essential step in setting student on the path toward future success. The creative job market is competitive - over 95% of employers say their first impression is based on an applicant's portfolio. Many simply won't even consider an applicant without an online portfolio.

Assisting your students in building their first portfolio will help prepare them for the real world, and greatly improve their chances of finding employment or continued education after school.

FolioHD's education suite offers tools for onboarding entire classrooms, along with the educational materials needed to teach students best practices when it comes to assembling their portfolios.

Our education pricing is deeply discounted for students. We intentionally keep the price low so your classroom can be set up without having to seek purchasing approval. Many institutions opt to pass along the cost of the portfolio as a lab fee. After a student graduates, they have the option to take over ownership of their portfolio.

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Why FolioHD?

  • FolioHD is easy to use

    Uploading new photos is as simple as posting a photo to Facebook. Then just drag-and-drop to re-order images or galleries.

  • Tons of themes and design options

    With plenty of available themes, you can personalize your site to make it just how you like it, all with zero code.

  • Fully-managed SEO

    Just enter titles and descriptions for your galleries and images and we'll optimize it to help you rise the ranks in search engine results.

  • We're here to help

    We designed FolioHD to be easy to use, but we're always around to assist in anything from getting you up and running to helping manage your site.

Reviews: What our customers have to say

Here's what our customers have to say, in their own words.

I love the simplicity of your service and the ease of which I can place and remove images. Hundreds of minor variables are not needed. I just want to show what I do: Photography.

- Patrick Lynch

Just wanted to say thank you for setting up FolioHD. It is by far the best online portfolio site I've encountered. Easy to use with nice large image displays including videos. Really couldn't ask for more. Brilliant!

- Alex Pearl

Your site was incredibly easy to follow and get started up. I applaud your group. I spent days on another photo website, and even with continual chat help, it was very frustrating, and I never got very far. Thank you!

- Jeanette O'Toole

The quick set-up that your site offers allowed me to set up my portfolio in one day, and be ready for an interview the next morning. Thank you for your quick responses to my questions - it made all the difference.

- Tiffany Gravlee

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