Add search functionality with Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)

Using Google Custom Search Engine (CSE), you can add a searchbox to your site.


Follow the instructions below to add Google Custom Search to your site.

Note: This integration requires a Google account. Be sure to login to your Google account before beginning.

  1. Visit Google Custom Search (New)
  2. Under Sites to search, enter your site’s URL. Example: or - Important: Do not use “www” for sites with in the URL
  3. Give your search engine a name (for your internal reference only)
  4. Click CREATE
  5. Click Get Code
  6. In the navigation, click Look and feel
  7. Choose the Compact layout option
  8. Click Save & Get Code
  9. Copy the code from the gray box to your clipboard. Your snippet should start with <script> and end with <gcse:search></gcse:search>
  10. Visit Profile & Settings in the FolioHD manager interface and scroll to SEO > Site Search
  11. Paste the code you copied, then click Save Settings

Visiting your site will now display either a search icon or search bar, depending on your theme.