Theme demos

Get a tour of some of the themes FolioHD offers.


Walk through some of the theming options FolioHD has available. Jump to a specific point in a video using the links below:

Photo-oriented themes

Pavilion (formerly Base, Full Screen, Fit Screen) - Carousel-style image slider

Borrego - Our default theme, images are centered and stack on top of each other

Skyline (formerly Grid) - Masonry-style grid where images are automatically placed based on their size and aspect ratio (our favorite)

Newport - Column-based format that adapts to the visitor’s screen size

Text-oriented themes

Salt Air (formerly Scroll Fit, Scroll Scale) - Media and text sit side-by-side Arroyo - Text appears next to images when present


Font & color options - Learn about the customization options available for each theme

Learn more about the various pages on FolioHD sites (homepage, gallery index, gallery detail, etc.), etc in this article.